Open Space Music envisions a space where the boundaries between groups of people, including artists and audience, fade away inspiring creative freedom. 

We create a village of multiethnic and multicultural group of people, where diverse voices and cultures will be lifted through a presence in programming and community.

We create events where artists and audience members can share through call and response, improvisation, and participation with movements, words, and sounds.

We emphasize quality over quantity and develop deep relationships with artists and audiences through residencies and events with the same cohort of artists and audiences over a longer time period.

We recognize that climate change is the biggest threat to our culture and commit to creating mostly online programming that minimizes CO2 emissions from travel for audiences and artists. 


Inspiration from a Korean madang

Nuhreun madang means a wide open space in Korean. My parents gave this name to a small group they created in Charlotte, NC, a community of Korean American immigrants, which came together once a month to discuss books and share poetry. The word madang means a central open space in a Korean village, usually outdoors, where rituals, festivals, meetings, and performances take place. A deeper meaning of the word is a time and place where boundaries between different groups disappear and freedom of expression emerges. When my parents added the word nuhreun to the beginning, the madang became wider, conjuring images of arms open, ready to welcome. 

We imagine Open Space Music to be a multicultural nuhreun madang where the boundaries between performers and audience fall away revealing a closer connection between the two groups. This space will hold a village of people who love music and are looking for a community to experience and expand their creativity with. 

-Hyeyung Sol Yoon, co-founder of Open Space Music

*In the context of Open Space Music, culture is a term used to describe one’s embodiment of ethnicity, nation or region of origin, race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.