In the Works

In The Works is a communal gathering for musicians (professionals, amateurs, and students) to share their works in progress with each other in an open, safe, and inviting environment. Open Space Music will host meetings over Zoom with 4-5 artists in each gathering to share their creations that are currently in the works. The work in progress can be a live performance or a recorded presentation of old works (by dead composers) or new works (by living people). We will be hosting two In The Works gatherings in the fall; both will be for parents who identify as female/non-binary/trans. Each In The Works session will also include a discussion and sharing of resources at the end that will help to inspire our individual and collective creative journeys. The events are open to parents who identify as female/non-binary/trans, and in order to create an intimate and open environment, we will be limiting each gathering to 15 people maximum including the musicians presenting their works. 

The gatherings will be offered on a sliding scale. If you are able to pay, Open Space Music thanks you for contributing to this gathering and to our mission of bringing people together in a space that inspires creative freedom. 

Two dates offered:

November 14th, 4 PM EST

January 16th, 4 PM EST