Madang Project


Madang Project is a creative space for artists to share their work and an opportunity to build community. It is inspired by the Korean madang, an open space in the middle of a village where folk performances, rituals, and meetings take place. A deeper meaning of the word is a space where the boundaries between different groups, including performers and audience, fade away inspiring freedom of expression. 

Six Madang Artists will present and facilitate events during the spring and fall of 2022 welcoming people to participate in the artists’ craft and creations. The events will range from workshops that explore how music and creative writing intersect, sessions on improvisation, works-in-progress events, and more. The final events (TBA) at the end of 2022 will feature performances by the artists of works they have created over their one year journey. Over the course of the project, Madang Artists will meet each other online to share their progress and inspirations with one another. 

The musicians that we have asked to be a part of the inaugural season of the Madang Project are artists that Open Space Music has built relationships with since its inaugural 2020-2021 season. Not only are they masterful at their craft but also have space in their creative lives to take on new experiences and experimental challenges. We’re so excited to share our inaugural season of the Madang Project with you! Find out more about the inspiration of madang in Open Space Music’s vision and mission by viewing our About page


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