Madang Project

Madang Project is an incubator for new works by artists and an opportunity to build community. Six musicians will be creating new works over the 2021-2022 season and create an environment where the boundary between them and the audience fades away allowing the listeners to participate actively. Two groups of artists, three people in a group, will each present two public events which will be streamed online and attended in-person. The first event will take place in the fall and will feature finished works that showcase each artist and a seed of a new work that the artist will create over the season. The second public event will take place in the spring and will feature finished or partly finished works by the artists. Before each public event, the musicians will meet with their group online to share their progress and ideas with one another. 

The musicians that we have asked to be a part of the inaugural season of the Madang Project are artists that Open Space Music has built a relationship with since its inaugural 2020-2021 season. They are masterful at their craft and have space in their creative existence for new experiences and experimental challenges. The fall public event will take place at the co-founders’ home in Jersey City, NJ, live-streamed with a small audience. The spring event will be at a public venue in Jersey City, again live-streamed with a live audience. We’re so excited to share our inaugural season of the Madang Project with you! Please stay tuned for more details and dates coming soon. Find out more about what madang is by viewing our About page


Madang Artists

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