Open Space Music

Open Space: Odyssey 2

December 17, 2020 7:00PM EST

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Growing up, violinist Zenas Hsu always loved reading fantasy and sci-fi books, where creativity had no limits and where countless worlds could be created simply with words. In what is first seen as make-believe in fiction, we often find personal truth or distinct ways of seeing the world. 

Zenas felt the urge this year to revisit some of his favorite pieces that create that same sensation of being transported to another place. He will explore Shih Hui Chen's take on folklore and legends from the aboriginal Ami tribe in Taiwan, Steve Mackey’s musical language in recreating texture and light in different rooms of a house, Jessie Montgomery’s rhapsodic and touching homage to J.S. Bach, one of Fritz Kreisler's 'fictional' compositions 'by' Pugnani (with guest appearance by wife, Janny Joo), and an iconic and fantastical sonata by Grazyna Bacewicz.

We hope you will come enjoy this little rhapsodic odyssey of some of Zenas’ favorite solo violin works, from your home!




Open Space Music is partnering with A Far Cry to co-present one or two "Criers," or members of the ensemble every month.