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Out of Doors

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Out of Doors is inspired by a Korean madang, an open space, usually outdoors, where festivals, meetings, and performances take place. A deeper meaning is a time and place where boundaries and hierarchies between different groups disappear and freedom of expression emerges. Open Space Music imagines a multicultural ground where the boundary between performers and audience fall away. 

Majid Khaliq is a violinist, composer, bandleader, and educator. Classically trained at The Juilliard School, his music expertise knows no bounds. He has lended his talents to various artists including Wynton Marsalis, Mr. Cheeks (from The Lost Boyz), Antonio Hart, Craig G (from The Juice Crew), John Blake Jr., Dyme-a-Duzin (from Phony Ppl), Itzhak Perlman, Keith David, Isaac Stern, and Regina Carter. He will be joined by Alex Marcelo, a longtime friend and Jazz pianist. 

April Sun is a pianist, chamber musician, educator, and arts organizer. She’s the founding member of the Meadowlark Piano Trio and frequently performs with the Phoenix and Cape Cod Chamber Orchestras. As a cultural organizer, she is the director of Music for Food, a nonprofit that uses music to generate funds for food pantries. 

April will be performing a solo piano piece called “Out of Doors” by a Hungarian composer, Béla Bartók . Majid and Alex will perform pieces from their own creation and also dialogue with April by improvising responses to Out of Doors. As audience members, there will be times when you will be listening, letting the performers do their thing. There will also be other times when you will be invited to the “middle of the madang” and contribute to the creative process of the event.