Building a new community for performances

Open Space Music provides connection through a new model: creating without boundaries through video and audio events directly from artists' homes to yours

Connection in a time of social distancing

Open Space Music provides connection through a new model: creating without boundaries through video and audio events directly from artists' homes to yours

97% of ticket sales go directly to the artists.

One ticket per screen.

Students are free. Use discount code STUDENT_FREE at checkout.

Upcoming Events

All performances will begin at 7:00 PM Eastern Time Zone.

Please purchase one ticket per screen. Students use discount code STUDENT_FREE at checkout

What is Open Space Music?

This is a time when all of us need each other.

Everyone needs connection, and we all feel the need acutely during social distancing. Open Space Music provides both music and connection for the price of a movie ticket. Experience live performances of artists, and connect directly with the artists and other audience members through live video calls. Talk with artists and each other, and build lasting love for each other and music. Performers will be paid 97% of ticket sale proceeds. We'll make it easy for you to gather your friends, family, co-workers, and new friends to enjoy the events together.

Create your community and Connect with others

Gather your friends, family, and co-workers to attend an event with you. Sponsor a whole concert for a group of teachers, medical workers, and people who need a cheer. Strengthen your bond with others and gather a community that you want to belong in. This space is open for you, and the possibilities are endless.

Discounted prices for 5 ticket, 10 ticket, and 50 ticket bundles.

From our family to yours

What can I expect at the concerts?

You create your experience.

The events take place in a Zoom video call which has the capability of hosting many people at once. The shows are live-streamed from the musicians' homes and include both live performances and interactive discussions with performers and audience members. You are in control of how you want to experience the event! You can get actively involved, asking questions, talking with the performers and each other, or by typing in the chat. If you would rather sit back and shut off your video so that nobody can see you sipping your tea with your pj's on, by all means, go ahead! The community for each concert is unique and dynamic.

If you have never used Zoom before and/or if you are curious about how to set it up to optimize it for experiencing an Open Space Music event, please check out this video made by Open Space Music founder Gregory Beaver.

Set up Zoom

  • Open Space: From New York to Portland

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97% of our ticket sales go directly to our artists

How we present our concerts and artists matter.

Until March, the classical music concert scene was vibrant. Young and established artists alike could perform for audiences worldwide. The coronavirus pandemic has canceled every event, removing the life blood of musicians. Some artists have turned to presenting their music for free as a source of comfort for others, but our concerts provide more than comfort: they provide sustainable community for you and for your favorite artists. We commit that 97% of the proceeds from our tickets sales will go directly towards the artists featured on our series. 3% covers transaction fees.

Open Space Music creates communities and connects you to the artistic process directly. We are excited to share these events with you. Join us!

Open Space: Beginnings


Working together in harmony

We are all interconnected

It is our belief that fostering relationship with our local communities and the larger world is essential to our existence. We are excited to partner with various performing music organizations around the country to present our artists together. The goal is three-fold: we want to connect with our local communities, we want to connect with the world, and we want our artists to thrive. Please stay tuned as we announce more partnerships in the future.

Portland Chamber Music Festival

Open Space Music, In partnership with Portland Chamber Music Festival, is thrilled to be presenting PCMF's artistic director Melissa Reardon and artist Raman Ramakrishnan on our online open space. The Portland Chamber Music Festival enhances the cultural life of Southern Maine by bringing internationally renowned artists to Portland to perform a wide range of innovative classical and contemporary chamber music, including education and engagement programs for community members of all ages. Melissa and Raman are a power duo and you won't want to miss their performances on June 6th and 7th. Please join us!

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