Open Space Music: FAQs


Do Open Space Music events replace in-person events?

Our vision for Open Space Music is to bring a new kind of joy to live events on an entirely different platform. The experience of in-person events is completely different, and we do not believe that online events should replace that. However, we are excited to unfold a vibrant, unexpected series of events and experiment together in this new medium!


I have never used Zoom before. How does it work?

For the best sound and video experience, you should visit and download the Zoom app for your computer or phone prior to the event. We will send you instructions and a link through email that you can click to start Zoom. Once it is running, you will be asked to enter a short password. When you are in the meeting, you can turn on and off your microphone or video. The hosts will also be able to control this to ensure the performance is not interrupted by background noises. You can choose to watch the performers, or see all of the videos at once by selecting "Speaker" view or "Gallery" view.

How do you ensure high quality?

We have done extensive experimentation to ensure high quality for the music performance through Zoom, including using advanced features of Zoom and quality audio equipment to enhance the experience for listeners. If you are not happy with the quality of the video and sound, please contact us. We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Zoom's advanced settings allow setting "Original Sound." Using this combined with closing all other applications, turning off the performer's speakers, an external microphone and video camera all create a listening experience that rivals any online streaming. For listeners, we recommend a reliable 5 MBps upload and download speed, minimum, to ensure the audio and video come through.


If there are two people in our household who share a device, can we both watch with the same ticket?

Yes! the price of a concert pass is for one device and can be shared with anyone who is in the household.


Is there a student discount?

Students can attend any event free of charge. Please use discount code STUDENT_FREE at checkout.


I'm out of work and can't afford to purchase a concert pass. Can I still attend a concert?

Yes! please contact us. We'll provide you a coupon for 100% off a single ticket which you can use at checkout.


Will there be a video of the concerts available online after the event is over?

We may record for archival or promotional purposes only, but the concerts will not be available online after the event. One of the main goals for Open Space Music is that people will gather at the same time to share music with one another. All clips for promotional purposes will only be used with explicit, written permission of the performing artists who are featured.


I attended an event but the video, audio, or internet quality was not high enough to participate. Do you offer a refund?

If you didn't get to experience the event fully because of problems with technology (for example, bad internet connection), please contact us for a full refund or credit towards another event.